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Ave Maria University is under constructionMary and I, and some friends, went to a special night at the Holiday Inn to learn more about Ave Maria University and the new community Ave Maria, both of which are currently under construction. We had a great time. The evening started out with mass led by Fr. Joseph Fessio. Then we enjoyed dinner (great food!) and the first speaker of the night, former Detroit Tigers owner Tom Monaghan. He's probably more famous for starting Domino's Pizza and turning it into a pizza empire. He told some stories of spending part of his youth in Traverse City and some of the struggles he went through growing up. Next we heard about the university and why he has invested so much in it. It was a terrific speech.

Next up, was Father Fessio and he talked about his history with Pope Benedict and how he became involved with Ave Maria. We were shown some pictures of the university construction and then he answered some questions from some of the guests. If you get a chance to hear him speak, do it!

The entire project is pretty amazing, they are basically building an entire town and university near Naples. A university that teaches the true Catholic faith and helps the youth of today and tomorrow become good Catholic leaders.

Ave Maria University
Ave Maria, Florida

I wish Mr. Monoghan would have been able to continue building his dream in Michigan, but he explained that Florida is a great fit!

  • Bob

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sounds like you had a really great time. Although there seems to be a great many people opposing Ave Maria, there are also a great number supporting it. Things look like they are moving along quite well and the town & university will open next year.

  • Thanks for the comment! We did enjoy ourselves and love what is going on down there. Count me as one who supports it and will share my positive opinion with others!