Precor ut illa Vis Vobiscum sit*

*May The Force be with you.

Charlie McNamara is the talk of the Star Wars world after delivering a speech at his Harvard Graduation in Latin with a Star Wars theme. The 2003 Grayling High School graduate's speech is 8 minutes long and drew a standing ovation.

"The tradition at Harvard has always been for the Latin orator to speak on a subject that is funny. I thought it would be fun to compare the Harvard experience to the adventures of a 'Star Wars' movie,” said McNamara.

As I am beginning to learn Catholic prayers and parts of the Catholic mass in Latin, I can get a sense of the excitement that McNamara shows for the language. I'm not into Star Wars as much as I was growing up (or as a young adult), but it's a pretty cool speech.

Here's the video...

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