PG films make the most money

At least that's what a recent study found...

A new study by The Nielsen Company shows that PG-rated movies with less profanity made more money at box offices across the United States. The study cross-referenced box office figures for 400 films in wide release from the fall of 2005 to the fall of last year.

My wife won't watch many movies that are PG-13 or R so it's disappointing when browsing the local video store just how few PG or G movies there seem to be. It does seem that Hollywood just keeps spitting out trash and not taking the box office numbers into account. I remember driving by the Horizon Theaters one night last summer and every movie there was PG-13 or R. I know the mall theaters generally cater to the kids movies, and the Horizon more teen and adult, but still, it really seemed pathetic.

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