Bishop Cooney's Easter Reflection

Saw this link of some Easter Reflections written by Bishop Patrick Cooney. Here's a sample...

As we celebrate the Easter feast and, indeed, celebrate it for the whole Easter season, we must be very thankful to the Triune God. We must be thankful because we have been chosen and we have been inaugurated through the Lord’s passion, death and Resurrection, and the sending of the Spirit into being his people, his body. It is a wonderful privilege and a great honor for all of us. It is equally important that we realize this each day of our lives and we live it out through our love for everyone who comes into our life. It is a love which we demonstrate through our words and actions that we are genuinely concerned about the well being of everybody and we reach out to them with a helping hand in the best way we can.

Reaching out to others and showing our love to our neighbors is a very important part of our faith. I know I struggle with it on a daily basis, but I can only keep trying to love as Jesus did. It's not always easy, but I figure if I can do it, then every little bit will help this world be a better place for my family, especially my children.Let's keep Bishop Cooney in our prayers as he continues his recovery.

Read Bishop Cooney: Easter Reflection 2008 at Gaylord Herald Times


    Dear Bishop we do appreciate your work. May the Risen Lord protect you and give courage to continue serving. From AnnaMaria Nalumansi. Makerere University Uganda.