Father Corapi speaks, we should listen

LifeSiteNews.com featured a guest commentary by Rev. John A. Corapi that gives a brief look back at the history of the United States and ahead to the future based on our decisions about contraception and abortion. It's not a pretty picture.

From artificial contraception to abortion to partial-birth abortion, then on to infanticide we march toward the abyss of oblivion, a society marked for death. Is it any wonder we can rationalize the killing of the elderly or the sick through euthanasia?

Read the complete article at LifeSiteNews.com called Death Wish: The Impending Suicide of a Once Great Nation

  • frank

    Thanks to Father Corapi for speaking the TRUTH...(JESUS CHRIST). There is no other way to vote but pro-life! Doing otherwise is against the Fifth Commandment (Thou Shall Not Kill). God Bless! Frank

  • 100vconnolly

    Thank you Father Corapi. I have learned a great deal from your work and teaching. We appreciate and love a good and true faithful Priest. God Bless you and your Ministry --- Veronica M.Connolly