New items and updates!

Just a quick note of some new items...

New website for Catholic Dads! - Rob Kaiser has updated the Catholic Dads blog and it's fantastic. Lots of Catholic dads post items there and it's a really great resource for all things fatherhood. Check out the new site at

New website for Marian Conference - My friends Josh and Lori Mercer host a Marian Conference each year at Boyne Mountain (Boyne Falls, Michigan) and I've helped them whip up a new website for it. This year's conference is October 16-18, 2009 and it's the eighteenth conference. Lots of great speakers in a beautiful setting. The new site is at

New Daily Prayers Page - I've had this page on my personal blog for a while, but finally moved it here. It's just a page with a couple of prayers I pray everyday. I hope to keep adding to it and make it a great prayer resource. Check it out at

Twitter - I started a Good Saints Twitter account a while back (it's the bar on the right-hand side) and post items there from time to time. Check it out at

Thanks for visiting and God Bless You!