"Let's be Evil Knievel!"

The boys were running around saying "you're Evil Knievel" and "let's be Evil Knievel". I asked them where they heard about Evil Knievel and who he was, they said they heard it from their cousins but didn't know what he did. So we found this video of his first jump shown on Wide World of Sports in 1967...

YouTube Preview Image

There are a bunch of Evil and Robbie Knievel videos, but the best one we found was from Robbie Maddison when he jumped a record 322 feet on New Year's Eve in 1997 in honor of Evil Knievel...

YouTube Preview Image

The boys were impressed and ran right back outside to play more "Evil Knievel". I'd better go check on them!

  • anonymous aunt

    Who are these crazy cousins anyway?

  • Jeremy

    All I know is if the cousins think it's cool, then Luke and Mark are going to think it's cool! Not sure if that's good or bad. But if forced to pick I'd say mostly good!