Support the Fatima Family Apostolate

I never like to see Catholic organizations struggle but that's currently the case with the Fatima Family Apostolate International. The Apostolate was started by Fr. Robert J. Fox to help families return to a life of holiness as Our Lady of Fatima said in her message. Their current president John Priess has taken over the operation of the FFAI since Father Fox passed away in November 2009, but as this letter describes, they need our help and prayers...

Hi Family and Friends,

I want to personally thank everyone for your patience during our transition period of the changing of our staff and the devastating tornado that destroyed many homes and businesses in our area. We had minimal damage, although our Phone and Internet ( the majority of our sales) was down for 16 days in May. Thank you again for your prayers.

Our sales have been down for the past two months and I grow concerned of our existence to help save souls and promote the true message of Fatima and also the promise I made to Father Fox to keep this apostolate alive and thriving. With this said we hope for your continued support in purchasing products from us and continue in sending in donations to help us create new products and build the apostolate for the future.

The positive effects of our mission is seen throughout the world. We receive emails and letters stating what this apostolate has done for them personally and this is what motivates and encourages us to move forward daily.

Our store hours have changed but you can order online 24/7. If you have questions we will be glad to answer them call us at 1-800-213-5541 or if you would like to submit an article for our magazine, the Immaculate Heart Messenger write to: IHM, P.O. Box 269, Hanceville, AL.

Please continue to support our mission of sanctifying the Family and promoting the true message of Fatima. I will continue to ad all subscribers and friends of the FFA to my daily rosary, please pray for me that I may lead Our Lady's Apostolate the Fatima Family Apostolate, to save souls and bring people to Christ through our evangelization efforts.

May Our Lady smile upon you and your families!

God Bless,
JOHN C. PREISS-International Director
Fatima Family Apostolate International Inc.

One way to help financially is to subscribe to the Immaculate Heart Messenger, a magazine devoted to spreading throughout the world the message of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It's full-color and is delivered quarterly. We've been receiving the magazine for a few years now and it's not something you throw away, I've found myself looking back through past issues to re-read terrific articles.

Another way to help is to start a Fatima Family Apostolate Group in your area. Small groups can be made up of children, teenagers, young adults and Married Marian Couples or mixed groups of various ages. The books are free right now, so it's a great time to start one. If you have any questions about the groups or want to learn more, drop me an email or leave a comment below.

The FFA Group I've been a part of has been a blessing for me and my family. I know it's helped me to appreciate and pray the Rosary more consistently and fervently. The Marian Manual (one of the books for the group) has numerous Rosary mediations to help you along the way.

So keep the Fatima Family Apostolate in your prayers and if you can help by shopping in the online store you'll get great books, videos and tapes written by Father Fox. Father Fox was a very holy priest who loved Fatima and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He devoted his live to the priesthood and the FFA to help give families tools to grow in holiness.

Keep the soul of Father Fox, John Priess and the entire Fatima Family Apostolate in your prayers!