Voris shares his thoughts on Vatican II "With My Own Eyes"

October 11, 2012 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Michael Voris, of RealCatholicTV shares some of his thoughts and experiences growing up with some of the changes.

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  • Ed Hahnenberg

    What a negative view of Vatican II. Voris again has nothing positive to say about the most significant work of the Holy Spirit in my lifetime. I, too, saw with my own two eyes as a major seminarian at St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore the changes taking place DURING and AFTER the monumental council. I was head reader at mealtime who introduced the English version of the martyrology read each day.

    I welcomed the changes and the common sense use of the vernacular, the priest's actions actually visible, and the use of some of the best of Christianity's hymnology. Granted, I tire of the material coming out of modern composers, but the same was true of the pre-Vatican II steady diet of the many chant neumes such as scandicus, salicus, and climacus that I had learned to sing.

    The Holy Spirit was highly active in the deliberations of the council. Cardinal Ottaviani's traditionalist agenda and documents for the council were thrown out by the bishops and the documents we were given brought us to the aggiornamento Blessed John XVIII sought. Unlike Voris and those his age, I was completing my BA in philosophy at the time.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. We have a schism in its beginning. Obviously the Tridentine Mass, with no changes this Advent when the new Roman Missal will take effect, will continue. Those that foster that form will remain in the 16th century in their liturgical worship, refusing to see the growth in ecumenism the Holy Spirit has fostered these past 50 years.