The Recent Bishop Sample Interview

Our friend to the north, Bishop Alexander Sample of the Diocese of Marquette, was recently interviewed by The Catholic World Report. The interview covered many topics including: what's wrong with Catechesis, the trouble with Contraception, concerns about the Diaconate, and much more.

The interview by Jim Graves is well worth reading as Bishop Sample talks about his life's journey and the road that has led him to being the Shepherd of Catholics in the Diocese of Marquette. If you don't know anything about Bishop Sample, read the article below and you'll see why so many Catholics love him.

Read Lost Generations at The Catholic World Report

The interview is also the focus of this video called "A Bishop and Vatican II" from RealCatholicTV's Michael Voris and how "Catholics do not know the faith".

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Please keep Bishop Sample in your prayers, and if you can, send an extra Rosary or two his way.

  • Ed Hahnenberg

    I agree with the Bishop that this generation has not been taught the historical development of the Catholic Church and its teachings. That is not the fault of the Council, but the inequity of funding of public schools to the exclusion of parochial schools in non-religious subjects. The demise of the Catholic schools was also the responsibility of pastors and communities which abandoned funding them as too costly. Big mistake. As Catholic schools disappeared, so too do instruction in the faith. Home-schooling in the faith is well-intentioned, but froth with inadequacies. Better that those engaged in such ventures put their money where their mouth is and support and rebuild the parochial school's ministry.

    As expected, Voris ends his presentation with his inaccurate judgmental inference that the council was responsible for this lack of good contrast to the measured evaluation by the young bishop.