Parish Road Trip: St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Church in Flint, Michigan

Had a great day last Saturday learning chant at a workshop put on by Juventutem Michigan. The workshop was held at St. Matthew's Catholic Church in Flint, Michigan. After the daylong workshop we sang at Mass on Saturday night using some of the lessons we learned through the day. The church is beautiful inside and out, despite a very small choir loft that was a bit warm! Here are a few photos...

  • Tom Abbott

    Hi Jeremy. I found your site when I did a search for Catholic prayers for my wife and found the beautiful one you posted on 3/31/11. I then noticed in your sidebar a post about your visit to St. Matthew's in Flint which is my parish. I was excited to see this and thought I would drop you a note. Your site looks pretty interesting and I'm going to poke around through it a bit. I'll look you up out at Google+ as well.

    God bless!