Claire's New Camera

Claire was pretty excited to get a new pink camera for Christmas and she's already taken a bunch of photos! So expect many new photos from Claire in 2012 and beyond!

10th Wedding Anniversary

I was going through a box in the basement and came across a cd with this video of our Wedding Day. The pictures and video are courtesy of my former employer Andy McFarlane at Happy Anniversary to my wife Mary and thanks for 10 amazing years! I love you Mary!

YouTube Preview Image

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I haven't been posting much here and so it's time to make my annual resolution to post more and to add more updates. You just never know, one of these years it might work. I did post a couple of slideshows to my most recent Picasa photo albums above, so take a peak at the kids building a gingerbread house, decorating the tree and visiting Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island (that was lots of fun!).

My big plan for this year is to lose weight. I'm not talking just 20 pounds or so, I'm talking at least 75 or 80 pounds. I'm going to follow Weight Watchers again as that's how I lost the weight before. Although I have been thinking about officially joining and getting some of the new info.

My family is doing well and the kids are getting big. Mary is as great as ever and we celebrated our 8th year of marriage in October. The kids enjoyed and are enjoying Christmas (we still have one party to go!) with the family and received many great gifts. I got some great gifts too including Nintendo Wii for the entire family. I absolutely love Super Mario Bros. Wii and the kids do too.

May God Bless You in 2010 and be sure to stop back for a visit and check out family pictures and hopefully much more!

Merry Christmas,

Updates Are A'Comin!

We're back safely from our Thanksgiving Oklahoma Roadtrip and we had a wonderful time. I'll be posting pictures soon. Not long after our return we learned that the Belanger's are moving back to Lake Leelanau. Needless to say people are very excited!

Anyway, as soon as I catch some things up with the holiday's, I'll try to post some updates.

To help tide you over here's a classic picture of high school chum Chad Boone and myself in our tuxedos. We wore these to help advertise and ended up with free tux rentals for prom, yeah! I thought the hat was a nice touch, but my nephews asked if I was a pilgrim!

Prom Tuxes

Of course, for the full effect, click the image for a larger version!

New Feature!

Now you can see the latest posts from my other two blogs, Leelanau Sports Guy's World and Good Saints on the right-hand side of this site. Go ahead and start reading!

New Host…

Moving the blog to a new host, so there could be some stuff not working. Just a warning...

The blog made it 1 year!

WOW! After experimenting with various types of personal websites for years, I managed to stay with this version for a whole year!

In 2007 look for...

  • more photos...
  • more links...
  • more useless knowledge...
  • and more craziness!

As always you can post comments if you wish or send me any cool stuff you think I should post here. Thanks for visiting!