and Michael Voris in the news again

In December 2011 was asked by the Archdiocese of Detroit to drop the use of "Catholic" from their name. Here's the first press release from the Archdiocese of Detroit Statement regarding Real Catholic TV and its name. The Archdiocese of Detroit also issued this replay to their original statement in January 2012 Need for Statement on Real Catholic TV.

Here's the latest on the fallout from the two press releases above for and Michael Voris from titled Archdiocesan canon lawyers differ on asking to drop 'Catholic' name. Many readers have commented and share their opinions on the subject as well.

Here's the latest video response from Michael Voris...

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Alleged Eucharistic Miracle at parish in Michigan

Saw this story about an alleged Eucharist Miracle taking place at St. Stephen's Parish in New Boston, Michigan. It's an amazing story. The story starts out...

Apparently, over Corpus Christi weekend, there had been a desecration of the Blessed Sacrament. A host was found with a bite taken out of it stuffed between the pages of a hymnal. Fr. Hedges removed the consecrated host, placed it in a container with some water in it to dissolve it and then dispose of it correctly. The following morning, when he went to open the tabernacle, he found that the host placed therein was bleeding (this is not the same host that was desecrated, but the one kept in reserve).

Read the entire story and see a picture at...

Read Eucharistic Miracle in Michigan Parish at Athanasius Contra Mundum