My Birthday Week

I've heard people use the expression "birthday week" and I'm pretty sure I just experienced it this past week as I turned 40-years-old. Here's a rundown...

Monday (my actual birthday) - Cake and treats at work, Dinner at La Senorita with Mary and the kids, a great present for my desk, Holy Mass, and finally cake and ice cream!

What could be better than a present with paper like that!

Tuesday - Dinner (back at La Senorita, Mombo Combo!) and a movie (War Horse - loved it!) with Mary.

Wednesday - Holy Mass before work, and a Birthday Party for my nephew and godson after.

Thursday - Birthday lunch with an awesome friend and Holy Mass.

Friday - Star Wars Episode I in 3-D (it was excellent) and Taco Bell (bean burritos!) with my nephews, my brother-in-law (that's not really my brother-in-law, but just seems like he should be), and my boys!

Saturday - Lucky Jack's for bowling, games, laser tag, pizza, and cake, with my mom, sister and her family, brother, aunts and uncles, niece and nephew, old family friend, and my family. Laser Tag was a blast! Bowling started out slow, but picked up in the 3rd game!

Sunday - Holy Mass and two great talks by one of my favorite priests at our parish, and a party with friends in the afternoon.

So there it is, my birthday week! I hope I didn't miss anyone! Needless to say, I have many people to be thankful for and many blessings God has given me! Thanks Be to God!