ChurchMilitant.TV: Manhood Gut Check

With Father's Day right around the corner ChurchMilitant.TV's Michael Voris takes a look at some startling statistics about fatherless children and why fathers are so important for society to survive.

This quote sums it up best...

All this has happened because many men rejected the basic foundational truth of manhood: that your life is to be spent at the service of others, even to the point of dying for those you love to protect them. Until sufficient numbers of men understand that and make it their own again, society will be lost and spiral even more out of control.

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ChurchMilitant.TV: Burke Fires Back

In this latest video from Michael Voris, Cardinal Burke goes on the attack!

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ChurchMilitant.TV: Duck Dynasty and The Bishops

A new video from ChurchMilitant.TV's Michael Voris calling out our U.S. Catholic Bishops. I could actually begin every Voris video post with that sentence.

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ChurchMilitant.TV: Special Report on Pope Benedict XVI's Resignation

Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV shares his thoughts on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and a couple of things that we as Catholics need to remember...

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My View: It's nice to see Pope Benedict getting props for stepping down if he feels like he can't do the job anymore. It should be an interesting few weeks as history is made. Keep Pope Benedict and the Cardinals in your prayers, as well as the Catholic Church, with the secular media going to use this time to attack with its own agenda.

ChurchMilitant.TV: Here come the Tradition Bashers!

The latest from Michael Voris and ChurchMilitant.TV about life before Vatican II.

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My View: I always have a hard time when people argue that the Traditional Latin Mass is from a backwards time and we need to leave it in the past. It has been nothing but a blessing for me and my family, but in particular my own growth as a Catholic.

ChurchMilitant.TV: Obama's Catholic Army

Michael Voris shares his opinion on the upcoming election, the silence of the bishops, and organizations that call themselves Catholic but don't follow church teaching.

I still shake my head at the fact that Obama is winning the Catholic vote (again!) and that Catholics are going to play a big part of him staying in the White House for four more years.

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Also, here's a link to ChurchMilitant.TV's special report investigative report on Obama's Counterfeit Catholics.

ChurchMilitant.TV: Special Report on Supreme Court's Decision on Obamacare

New name but same Michael Voris as RealCatholicTV has become ChurchMilitant.TV. Here is a special report video series about the United States Supreme Court decision concerning Obamacare and what is next for our country.

Special Report I
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Special Report II
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Special Report III
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