Confirmation and First Communion

This past weekend we had a special day as our daughter Teresa received her sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist. It was a perfect day! She chose St. Faustina as her confirmation saint.

confirmation1Before Mass

confirmation2Getting Ready

confirmation3Bishop Raica Anointing Teresa with Chrism

confirmation4Shaking hands with the Bishop

confirmation5Teresa's Sponsor Jake and Father Libby

confirmation6Teresa's Sponsor Jake and Bishop Raica

confirmation7Teresa crowning Our Lady on Mother's Day!

Confirmation and First Communion

Our oldest son Luke was confirmed last night and received his First Communion. We're very proud of him and are very blessed to have him become a "Soldier of Christ". The Mass was beautiful with an awesome homily by Bishop Hebda. Luke was also selected to carry up the gifts during Mass. It was a special night for our family. Afterwards Bishop Hebda told Luke that he had made a wonderful choice for his sponsor. Thanks Be to God! St. Nicholas, Pray for Us!

Its not easiest to take pictures in the church, but here's a few I managed to grab!

Before Mass

With Father Libby and Bishop Hebda

With Father Libby, his sponsor Jake, and Bishop Hebda

With Father Libby, his Godparents Aunt Sue and Uncle Al, and Bishop Hebda

With Our Lady and his sponsor Jake

With Our Lady

A special thanks to all of our family and friends that attended! Please keep Luke in your prayers!

Happy Feast of St. John Bosco

I'm very blessed to be both Godfather and confirmation sponsor for one of my nephews Elijah. He loves St. John Bosco and chose him for his confirmation name.

My Godson with Father Libby and Bishop Hebda in May 2010

Talk about pressure! I pray daily for my Godchildren and also for the graces to be a good Godfather and/or sponsor. I think it's important to let them know I'm paying attention to what they are doing and to let them know I'm always there for them. It is also important to be a good example in all walks of life. I know he's young now, but he won't always be, and it will be important for him to have people in his life he can count on. I hope to be one of those people!

Thanks Be to God I can call on his patron saint St. John Bosco for help and to also pray for both of us! St. John Bosco, Pray for Us!

Confirmation and First Communion

My oldest daughter recently completed the sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion on Pentecost. It's been very special for our family to go through this journey with her. She has grown and learned (me too!) so much and we feel very blessed! She was also able to wear my wife's wedding veil, so that was extra special as well! Here's a couple of pictures from her joyous day.

Before Mass

With Father Libby and Bishop Hebda

With Our Lady

Growing up Lutheran, I didn't experience the Catholic Sacraments first-hand and it's been a blessing for myself as I continue to learn more and grow in our faith. I'm very thankful for all God has given me, especially my first child becoming an official member of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church!