My Journey to the Permanent Diaconate

Welcome to GoodSaints, the online home for my experiences studying for admission into the Permanent Diaconate Program for the Diocese of Gaylord.

There is one catch - the program is not currently active - however by the time I finish my studies I hope it will be. If not, I will have learned more about my faith and hopefully grown closer to Jesus, both good enough reasons to forge ahead in my opinion.

Favorite Prayers to St. JosephOne of my favorite books is Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph, available from Our Lady of the Rosary Library. I know I wouldn't be where I am right now without St. Joseph's intercession and guidance in regards to my faith and family. This is one I try to pray daily...

O HAPPY, blissful St. Joseph, heir of the faith of all the Patriarchs, vouchsafe to obtain for me this beautiful and precious virtue. Increase in me a lively faith, the foundation of all sanctity, that faith without which no one can be pleasing to God.

Obtain for me that faith which triumps over all temptations of the world and conquers human respect, which can be shaken by nothing, and which is directed solely toward God. Cause me, after thine example, to live by faith, to subject my heart and understanding to God, that one day I may behold in Heaven what I now firmly believe on earth. Amen.

I wish you welcome and if you have any advice or stories feel free to post them in the comments. Thanks for visiting.