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Just found a new Catholic Dad blog called CatholicHour and really enjoyed this post Go in Peace to Love and Serve the Lord. It's a great article reminding us to keep being Catholic as we leave our parish after mass or adoration and take the "power of the Eucharist" with us.

Homeschooling on the rise

An editorial by Michael Smith, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association, with some recent statistics about the growing popularity of homeschooling.

Read Homeschooling Popularity Grows in the Washington Times Op-Ed

Study finds disturbing stats at Catholic Colleges and Universities

When I read about the lack of faith and morals in our young people, I realize how much work it involves raising a Catholic Family in today's culture. One thing that drives me crazy is that it's hard to see differences between Catholic schools, either elementary, high school or college, and public schools. Some are successful, but others are failing. Just check out these results from The Cardinal Newman Society’s (CNS) Center for the Study of Catholic Higher Education latest study...

Key findings demonstrate that large numbers of students at Catholic colleges and universities are in clear conflict with the Catholic Church:

- Nearly 1 in 5 knew another student who had or paid for an abortion.
- 46% of current and recent students—and 50% of females—said they engaged in sex outside of marriage.
- 84% said they had friends who engaged in premarital sex.
- 60% agreed strongly or somewhat that abortion should be legal.
- 60% agreed strongly or somewhat that premarital sex is not a sin.
- 78% disagreed strongly or somewhat that using a condom to prevent pregnancy was a serious sin.
- 57% agreed strongly or somewhat that same-sex “marriage” should be legal.
- 57% said the experience of attending a Catholic college or university had no effect on their participation in Mass and the sacrament of reconciliation.
- 54% of respondents said that their experience of attending a Catholic college or university had no effect on their support for the teachings of the Catholic Church.
- 56% said their experience had no effect on their respect for the Pope and bishops.

In April 2008 Pope Benedict XVI, recognizing the reality on many Catholic campuses, told Catholic college presidents gathered at The Catholic University of America that the Catholic faith must permeate all aspects of Catholic campus life.

“Is the faith tangible in our universities and schools?” the Holy Father asked the college presidents. “Only in this way do we really bear witness to the meaning of who we are and what we uphold. From this perspective one can recognize that the contemporary ‘crisis of truth’ is rooted in a ‘crisis of faith’.”

I'm just glad my kids aren't college age yet, as I have no idea where I would be happy seeing them go if they attend college. I understand it's very difficult to eliminate all of this, especially in today's "Culture of Death", but these numbers make me sick.

Read the full article Study Finds Catholic Colleges Have Little Positive Impact on Faith, Values at

Also see the complete study at

Great article on Homeschooling

I saw this article at and really enjoyed it. For those of you who don't know about homeschooling, this article addresses some of the main reasons homeschooling is on the rise and why parents might choose to educate their children at home.

A couple of my favorite parts of the article...

Homeschooling is a way we can ensure that we are the primary educators of our children and that we take full responsibility for our children’s formation and religious upbringing.


On the other hand, our local Catholic home school group is full of families that share our beliefs, morals and values. In this group, the children find friends with whom they have much in common and meet older kids who are good role models. In fact, it may be that the best way to “socialize” our children is to surround them with love, first in the home and then in warm, caring environments outside the home.

I can't say enough how important it is to have the support and friendship of other Catholic Homeschooling families. It's been a real help to us on our homeschooling journey.

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Erica's students receive award from Sierra Club

I was sent this article about Erica Peplinski's class earning an award from the Sierra Club for their work on a wetlands project. Congrats to Erica and her students. Check out the article below.

Read Nature's Way - Sierra Club honors Saline students in The Saline Reporter

Precor ut illa Vis Vobiscum sit*

*May The Force be with you.

Charlie McNamara is the talk of the Star Wars world after delivering a speech at his Harvard Graduation in Latin with a Star Wars theme. The 2003 Grayling High School graduate's speech is 8 minutes long and drew a standing ovation.

"The tradition at Harvard has always been for the Latin orator to speak on a subject that is funny. I thought it would be fun to compare the Harvard experience to the adventures of a 'Star Wars' movie,” said McNamara.

As I am beginning to learn Catholic prayers and parts of the Catholic mass in Latin, I can get a sense of the excitement that McNamara shows for the language. I'm not into Star Wars as much as I was growing up (or as a young adult), but it's a pretty cool speech.

Here's the video...

Read Grayling grad wows crowd — in Latin — at Harvard graduation with 'Star Wars'-themed speech in the Record Eagle

Cool movie about the Maritime Academy

Helped the Great Lakes Maritime Academy get this movie onto YouTube and Google Video to help promote their maritime college. It's always good to help someone. Anyway, check it out and see what they are all about!

Visit Official Site

TV does have some good uses…

Sure there is alot of garbage on TV these days, but that doesn't mean the medium can't be used for some good. Suttons Bay Elementary School setup a "virtual field trip" via TV to the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C to learn about American Indians and art.

An interactive machine with a voice-sensitive camera atop the television in their classroom linked them to a museum expert.

The fifth-grade students were able to ask questions and talk with the museum expert. Pretty cool!

Read Suttons Bay students visit the Smithsonian - via TV in the Record Eagle

Check out Ave Maria University

Ave Maria University is under constructionMary and I, and some friends, went to a special night at the Holiday Inn to learn more about Ave Maria University and the new community Ave Maria, both of which are currently under construction. We had a great time. The evening started out with mass led by Fr. Joseph Fessio. Then we enjoyed dinner (great food!) and the first speaker of the night, former Detroit Tigers owner Tom Monaghan. He's probably more famous for starting Domino's Pizza and turning it into a pizza empire. He told some stories of spending part of his youth in Traverse City and some of the struggles he went through growing up. Next we heard about the university and why he has invested so much in it. It was a terrific speech.

Next up, was Father Fessio and he talked about his history with Pope Benedict and how he became involved with Ave Maria. We were shown some pictures of the university construction and then he answered some questions from some of the guests. If you get a chance to hear him speak, do it!

The entire project is pretty amazing, they are basically building an entire town and university near Naples. A university that teaches the true Catholic faith and helps the youth of today and tomorrow become good Catholic leaders.

Ave Maria University
Ave Maria, Florida

I wish Mr. Monoghan would have been able to continue building his dream in Michigan, but he explained that Florida is a great fit!