Prayer from a servant of God

Here is an example of a prayer found at Everyday Prayers a site that collects prayers submitted by faithful people.

Dear Heavenly Father,

praying-to-godThank You for the lessons you have taught us. Thank You for the joy of life and love. Your son saved us and the words of your teachings live on in the holy books. I ask now that you help me and guide me to understand your teachings for my life in the design you have wrote out for me.

Make me a servant to the good, allow me to forgive, so that I may love with a clear heart. Help me to be that person that you know I can be but I haven't found yet. Give me the steps so that I may be able to serve others as I would serve myself. Grant me the strength through this daily prayer to deal with myself and the wisdom to know when your spirit is there. I am ready to receive all the abundance you have for me. When others are not ready to receive your abundance give it to me I am ready and willing. Then I can give more of myself for the benefit of you.

I want You to make my live better, not because I deserve it, but because I really think I need to be heard out there in the sky. If my life will not be better than it is now, it doesn't matter, I'll still let my body and soul in your arms.

Thank you for your Love, your Forgiveness and the Abundance you have give me in my Life.

I am your humble servant.