Scenic Drive and a Fort

We had a fun evening a couple of weeks ago on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Every year we try to go on the drive and check out some of the scenic overlooks and this time we packed dinner to eat on Picnic Mountain. Luke always remembers the numbered signs along the roads and tells us what's coming up. The kids all love running on the paths and playing in the sand. It's become an annual event and every year we take a picture on the rock wall!

A couple of years ago on Woot! I found this fort for $4.99. I had forgotten about it, but the boys wanted to camp in their room, so this is what we ended up with...

Ice Skating

As part of our Holy Rosary boys group we went ice skating on the skating rink behind the parish offices. Mark did very well for his first time, Luke had fun, and cousins Levi and Elijah were flying all over the rink!

Luke and Elijah

Mark and Levi

Snow, Cake and Surgery

Here's three recent photos from our latest family adventures!

We had alot of fun this day as we played "Cut the Pie" and enjoyed a nice winter day. This is one of my favorite family photos! I admit, Saturdays can't ever get here quick enough or last long enough!

Teresa Philomena turned 3-years old last week. It's hard to believe the last three years have gone so fast.

We found out a little over a week ago that Mark had an inguinal hernia and needed to have surgery. He was a very good patient and the doctors and nurses said he did a terrific job and was "such a blessing". He's doing fine and it didn't take long for him to return to his old self.

Updates Are A'Comin!

We're back safely from our Thanksgiving Oklahoma Roadtrip and we had a wonderful time. I'll be posting pictures soon. Not long after our return we learned that the Belanger's are moving back to Lake Leelanau. Needless to say people are very excited!

Anyway, as soon as I catch some things up with the holiday's, I'll try to post some updates.

To help tide you over here's a classic picture of high school chum Chad Boone and myself in our tuxedos. We wore these to help advertise and ended up with free tux rentals for prom, yeah! I thought the hat was a nice touch, but my nephews asked if I was a pilgrim!

Prom Tuxes

Of course, for the full effect, click the image for a larger version!

New Family Photo Gallery

Sometime tonight I will finally be adding some new photos to the website. It's been a long time coming as I recently realized that it's been almost 2 years since I consistently updated photos. To access the new photos click the Family Photo Gallery button on the right.

Here's a couple of recent pictures from 2008!

Claire is a flower girl 5-24-08

Luke and Mark Camping 7-3-08

Teresa swimming for the first time! 7-24-08

Teresa Philomena is here!

Teresa Philomena was born on Monday, January 14th at 9:25 AM, weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long (although we think that might have been a bit short). Everyone is doing well and Teresa is loved by her brothers and sister very much!

Aunt Sue stopped over the other night and took some pictures of Teresa at 1 week old!



We named her Teresa after great saints Teresa of Avila and Mother Teresa (she's a saint, just not officially yet), and Philomena because of the chaplet I prayed asking for St. Philomena's intercession during the surgery. Mary's doing great and Teresa is beautiful.

We thank everyone for their prayers!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We're still enjoying the Christmas season and went to mass today to celebrate the feast for Mary, the Mother of God. We had a visiting priest, Father Max Frego, who delivered a beautiful homily about Mary and the church. I just did some searching on Google for Father Max and found that he has a neat conversion story (scroll down to In secrecy no more about 2/3 of the way down the page).

The kids are excited about all the snow that is coming down today so we just might head out to build a snowman.

Merry Christmas

I've added 9 new photos to the new photo gallery and expect a few more shortly as we are anticipating the arrival of baby Teresa any day now.

Photo Gallery Update

Photo GalleryI put up a new gallery here and will try to post a few photos every so often.

Right now there are only 3, but I promise to add some of the newer ones asap.

I call this one "Are you kidding me"...

At this time, It's not password protected, but that could change depending on my mood...

Photo Time!

I am still behind on posting photos to the Family Photo Gallery so here's a couple of recent shots...


These were taken on Labor Day at the final Beach Bums game!




Brian & Erica Wedding Photos

Trillium Imaging is Erica's Dad's company and they ended up taking some very nice photos!

Claire and Elijah coming down the aisle
(Photo by Trillium Imaging)
Claire & Elijah

Claire's Big Smile
(Photo by Trillium Imaging)

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