Father Corapi says "Eat well, exercise, and be smart!"

Father Corapi tells us not to worry about his health and 60-pound weight loss, he's fine. He does add if you need to lose weight, do it! Take care of your body it's a gift from God!

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Father Corapi on the scandal at Notre Dame

Just received an email from the The Cardinal Newman Society and it featured a video from one of my favorites, Father Corapi. Check it out!

Fr. John Corapi has taped the following message about what the scandal at Notre Dame means for our faith and the importance of not giving up the fight.

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It's video day at Good Saints!

I haven't had the privilege to see Father Larry Richards or Father John Corapi live, so these two videos below will have to do. I've heard Father Larry's confession talk before, but it's well worth watching again. I was also excited to hear about Father Larry's new book coming out soon titled "Be a Man". It's described as a book "for men and will help them grow into the man that God created them to be".

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Father Corapi tells it like it is and below he shares his wonderful conversion story. I have only heard him a handful of times, but I really enjoy his passion and love for our Lord. The condensed version of his conversion story is below.

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See any other videos or have a personal favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Father Corapi speaks, we should listen

LifeSiteNews.com featured a guest commentary by Rev. John A. Corapi that gives a brief look back at the history of the United States and ahead to the future based on our decisions about contraception and abortion. It's not a pretty picture.

From artificial contraception to abortion to partial-birth abortion, then on to infanticide we march toward the abyss of oblivion, a society marked for death. Is it any wonder we can rationalize the killing of the elderly or the sick through euthanasia?

Read the complete article at LifeSiteNews.com called Death Wish: The Impending Suicide of a Once Great Nation