Fix the Family Video: Homeshooling Gives us TIME to Form our Children


John Preiss, President of the Fatima Family Apostolate, shares some quick thoughts on homeschooling...

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My View: Couldn't agree more about the importance of TIME. My wife and I were just talking last night about some stuff in the news and how it is a blessing to have our kids schooled at home. It gives them a chance to learn in a loving environment where they can grow in confidence, but most importantly grow in their faith and morals.

Remember the Blessings

A Thanksgiving video about Homeschooling from the HSLDA...

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Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


Same old homeschooling stereotypes used by West Virginia School Board

I can only speak for my family, but the time and effort put into the Catholic Curriculum for our children is something my wife and I take very seriously. The socialization argument gets old and my opinion is that it's not an issue for most families. Our children get plenty of interaction with extended family and friends and my guess is most homeschooling families do too.

Anyway, the opinion of homeschooling by this school board is unfortunate...

West Virginia's Monongalia County Board of Education is proposing a new homeschool policy. In the document's "statement of purpose," the board refers to stale objections, which reveal a flawed and stereotyped view towards homeschooling. Despite the fact that homeschooling has decades worth of practical and scientific evidence documenting its success, there are still public school officials who re-use the same old criticism of homeschooling—teacher competency and socialization.

Here is the proposed policy's first paragraph:

"Monongalia County Board of Education encourages the enrollment of all school-age children [who] are residents in Monongalia County or in registered parochial or private schools so that they may enjoy the benefits a of well-planned educational program and the socialization possible in a group environment."

As if homeschooling programs are not well-planned or lack in providing “socialization” opportunities. The modern homeschool movement has been going on for 40 years and there is plenty of evidence showing that it not only works, but it actually works better than other forms of schooling. For resources that HSLDA has been involved with to show the benefits of homeschooling go to: HSLDA Homeschooling Research webpage or the HSLDA brochure, “The Best Kind of Socialization”.

Read School Board: Homeschooling Disorganized and Isolationist at HSLDA and check out the links about the research they've done that shows the benefits of homeschooling.

Manager of His Home by Steve Maxwell

Manager of His HomeJust wanted to share a quick note about this talk I listened to. It's call "Manager of His Home" and it's by Steve Maxwell of It's packed with scripture references and insight specifically for homeschooling dads and their homes. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it! Mr. Maxwell really dives into the husband as the head of the home and family and helps point you in the right direction to raising and teaching your kids and strengthening your relationship with your wife in the process. I've only listened to disc one so far, but am looking forward to part 2.

For more info, you can visit We discovered the site from my sister-in-law (who I borrowed the talk from as well) as they feature products for helping you organize and schedule your home and homeschool. Homeschooling is a very difficult endeavor, but the rewards are countless. If you're thinking about it or have any questions, drop me an email at

Homeschooling on the rise

An editorial by Michael Smith, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association, with some recent statistics about the growing popularity of homeschooling.

Read Homeschooling Popularity Grows in the Washington Times Op-Ed

Great article on Homeschooling

I saw this article at and really enjoyed it. For those of you who don't know about homeschooling, this article addresses some of the main reasons homeschooling is on the rise and why parents might choose to educate their children at home.

A couple of my favorite parts of the article...

Homeschooling is a way we can ensure that we are the primary educators of our children and that we take full responsibility for our children’s formation and religious upbringing.


On the other hand, our local Catholic home school group is full of families that share our beliefs, morals and values. In this group, the children find friends with whom they have much in common and meet older kids who are good role models. In fact, it may be that the best way to “socialize” our children is to surround them with love, first in the home and then in warm, caring environments outside the home.

I can't say enough how important it is to have the support and friendship of other Catholic Homeschooling families. It's been a real help to us on our homeschooling journey.

Read Homeschooling: a learning experience for the whole family at MercatorNet