Two Great "Year of Faith" Resources [UPDATE]

Just wanted to take a quick moment and mention two great sites that are going to be a big part of my "Year of Faith". Both are setup to read a little each day and not to overwhelm you along the way!

Read the Catechism in a Year is exactly what it says. You will be emailed a small part of the Catechism each day to read. My wife and I are doing this together.

Read the documents of the Second Vatican Council in one year for less then 10 minutes a day. This site doesn't have an email feature setup It has email signup (click follow on bottom right) to deliver to your inbox as well as an RSS Feed that WordPress blogs are setup with to plug into your favorite RSS Reader!

God Bless You on your "Year of Faith" Journey!

UPDATE, 4:17 p.m.: The Vatican II Documents blog does have email signup! Fixed above!

Social Media and The Nativity Story

My wife emailed these to me this week and I finally watched them. They both follow the story of Joseph and Mary building up to the birth of Jesus using Social Media. I like them both with a slight edge toward the 2nd one.

YouTube Preview Image

View comments about this video in the article The Digital Story of Nazareth at Faith and Family Live.

YouTube Preview Image

View comments about this video in the article More Facebooking With the Holy Family at Faith and Family Live.

What do you think of the videos?

New items and updates!

Just a quick note of some new items...

New website for Catholic Dads! - Rob Kaiser has updated the Catholic Dads blog and it's fantastic. Lots of Catholic dads post items there and it's a really great resource for all things fatherhood. Check out the new site at

New website for Marian Conference - My friends Josh and Lori Mercer host a Marian Conference each year at Boyne Mountain (Boyne Falls, Michigan) and I've helped them whip up a new website for it. This year's conference is October 16-18, 2009 and it's the eighteenth conference. Lots of great speakers in a beautiful setting. The new site is at

New Daily Prayers Page - I've had this page on my personal blog for a while, but finally moved it here. It's just a page with a couple of prayers I pray everyday. I hope to keep adding to it and make it a great prayer resource. Check it out at

Twitter - I started a Good Saints Twitter account a while back (it's the bar on the right-hand side) and post items there from time to time. Check it out at

Thanks for visiting and God Bless You!

Pope will use Google to reach the masses

Thought I would pass this along from the Associated Press...

Pope to have his own Google channel with video
The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI is getting his own channel on Google. It says the Vatican TV Center and Vatican Radio are collaborating with Google on the project. The Vatican's press office said Saturday that texts and video of the pope's speeches as well as news about the pontiff would be posted directly onto the channel. It says more information will be given next week. The Vatican began using its Web site widely to publish teachings and pronouncements under the late Pope John Paul II.

And I found this interesting blog post at CBS World Watch Blog, Will The Pope's YouTube Channel Be A Hit?

I'm famous!

Chris Olson of the Leelanau Enterprise interviewed me for an article about my job in Leelanau County. You can check it out below...

Read Web designer appreciates working in his home county in the Leelanau Enterprise

Internet Fraud

I just had a client email me about possible internet fraud so I thought I would pass this link on.

Internet Fraud Information at

Lots of scammers are using the internet to try to steal identities, banking info, passwords, etc., and you can use this page to learn more about some of the signs to watch for and help protect yourself.

One tip I try to tell clients and friends is to never click links recieved in your email to PayPal, eBay, your credit cards, banks, etc., just go to your web browser and type it in. That's the safest way to go!

Any questions or concerns just drop me an email

Have trouble remembering your passwords?

Some new technology might help with that, plus, with the added benefit of additional security. The new 3D DeskCam from Bioscrypt will scan your face to use as your password, token, or smart card.

The camera uses about 40,000 identification points, looking primarily at a person's forehead, eye sockets and nose bridge, said Ryan Zlockie, director of product management at Bioscrypt. The facial-recognition system has passed tests with identical twins and professional face molds, Zlockie said. A person registered with facial hair who subsequently shaves doesn't have to be reregistered, but somebody who undergoes plastic surgery does, he said.

It's expected to be released in the second half of the year or early next year to consumers.

Read With desktop camera, your face can be your password at CNET

Google announces Apps Premier Edition

I use Google for everything - email, word processing, scheduling, spreadsheets, notes, chatting, etc. So needless to say I am excited. Here's the facts...

The new Google Apps Premier Edition costs $50 per user account a year. It includes around-the-clock telephone support, and 10GB of storage per user compared with 2GB. The new edition also includes a guarantee of 99.9 percent uptime for Gmail and application programming interfaces that businesses can use to migrate data, enable single sign-on and do other integration. A free version targeted at educational institutions, Google Apps Education Edition, offers the same features as the premier edition except for the storage size. There is also Google Apps Standard Edition, which is free, but lacks the features of the premier edition.

10 GB is sweet! 99.9% uptime is nice, but I honestly haven't ran into any point where I remember Gmail being down for more than 2 minutes. If you haven't tried Gmail yet, seriously do it, if you need an invite let me know!

Read Google Apps Premier Edition - let the games begin! at

I love the Internet…

because of websites and ideas like the Wearable Dog House at Totally Absurd Inventions.

This is great stuff. My other favorites are Quick Draw McGraw and the Toilet Snorkel.

A look at Rome from Cardinal Sean

See everyone has a blog! Follow Catholic Archbishop of Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley on his latest visit to Rome. Lots of cool photos including a bunch from the Padre Pio celebration!


Classic Video Games

Saw this at Digg...

Frogger, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, they are all here, check it out...

Play now at