Working on the Tree House

Recently the boys and I started working on a tree house. We're almost finished and were able to use some wood leftover from our deck. The kids are very excited about it! I'll post some more pictures when it's finished, but here's some photos of our first day working on it.

Here's also a bonus video of the boys working hard!

Of Course

At the dinner table last night...

My Wife: "What is your favorite part of vacation bible school?"

My Daughter: "Benediction. No wait, I mean lunch."

Sounds like someone I might know…

Obviously I don't condone believing in Hopoquil, but the comic is funny...


PLAY-DOH RaccoonSo I was building animals, cars and swimming pools for the kids out of PLAY-DOH the other night and I had a blast! Claire always wants me to make a daddy deer, mommy deer and two kid deer, Luke likes swimming pools and cars, and Mark likes to smash whatever we make and throw it on the floor (yes, it drives me crazy!). Anyway, I was wondering how long PLAY-DOH has been around, so I went snooping around the old internet and found a timeline of the history of PLAY-DOH...

1956: PLAY-DOH® Brand modeling compound, a non-toxic reusable modeling compound developed by Rainbow Crafts in Cincinnati, is demonstrated and sold in the toy department of Woodward & Lothrop Department Store in Washington, D.C. PLAY-DOH compound is available only in one color and size, an off-white, 1.5-pound can. One year earlier, it was introduced to schools, kindergartens and nursery schools.

The photo on the right is not one of my creations, it's alot better than what I can build. This Photo is from the PLAY-DOH website at

I also found these commercials from the 80's advertising the PLAY-DOH Make-A-Meals sets, I assume they did this because kids weren't eating enough PLAY-DOH...

YouTube Preview Image

Stay tuned next week as I feature Silly Putty!*

*Just kidding. Maybe.

NBC airs edited Veggie Tales

Untitled-1.jpgMy kids love Veggie Tales, I admit I enjoy watching them too, and the message is always good. NBC is airing them on Saturday mornings this fall, with some changes (no mention of God or bible verses) from the DVD's and VHS videos that some of us have grown to love.

The creator of the animated veggies Phil Vischer, has said that he would have never signed with NBC if he knew they would take out all references to God.

Some of the trash they allow on TV baffles me, but the mention of God or a bible verse in a kid's cartoon can't be shown?

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and here's an update from the Veggie Tales official site...

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