Scenic Drive and a Fort

We had a fun evening a couple of weeks ago on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Every year we try to go on the drive and check out some of the scenic overlooks and this time we packed dinner to eat on Picnic Mountain. Luke always remembers the numbered signs along the roads and tells us what's coming up. The kids all love running on the paths and playing in the sand. It's become an annual event and every year we take a picture on the rock wall!

A couple of years ago on Woot! I found this fort for $4.99. I had forgotten about it, but the boys wanted to camp in their room, so this is what we ended up with...

Cool Link: Traverse Area Historical Society

I was browsing the Leelanau Enterprise online and saw this headline, Thousands of historical photos posted. Of course, I'm going to click an article with a title like that.

You must visit the Traverse Area Historical Society website and check this out. I did some searches for various places (Suttons Bay for example) and found some really cool photos. The navigation is a bit clunky, but the content certainly makes up for it. The site features over 7,000 photos!

This picture featured in the Enterprise article really made my day! A family fishing and women wearing dresses, if only today's society lived the same way!

Read Thousands of historical photos posted in the Leelanau Enterprise
Visit Traverse Area Historical Society online

LEGO Lighthouse

I love LEGOs and enjoy seeing what creations people come up with. Duane Collicot has built a LEGO replica of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse. I might have to drive up and see this!

Read LEGO is used for lighthouse gift donation in the Leelanau Enterprise

I'm famous!

Chris Olson of the Leelanau Enterprise interviewed me for an article about my job in Leelanau County. You can check it out below...

Read Web designer appreciates working in his home county in the Leelanau Enterprise

WOW to release another Bald Eagle

One of our clients, Wings of Wonder, has been in the news over the past year with many successful releases of injured and rehabilitated birds of prey. The latest is another Bald Eagle and you can read about the story below.

Read Bald eagle ready to take flight again in the Record Eagle

Rebecca Lessard really does some amazing work on these birds, to learn more about her and her mission, visit

Great Aunt Eva celebrates 100th birthday

aunteva100.jpgAunt Eva is my Great Aunt, she is the sister of my Grandpa Herbert Swenson (my mom's dad). Before you say, huh?, I tried writing it a few different ways and they all seemed confusing, so I went with that.

Now if you aren't totally confused, you can pretend to be shocked that myself and my kids have some Swedish heritage as we all tan so well and aren't white as ghosts (heavy sarcasm).

Yes, I am a stubborn Swede and proud of it.

Photo and article from the Leelanau Enterprise

Small Town News

I love living and working near or in small towns. They are something that makes Leelanau County such a special place.

But, every once in a while, you just have to laugh at small towns and the "big news" they generate.

Read Historic tree to be chopped down in the Record Eagle

I guess a slow news day is better than a no news day!

It's good to pray…

Found this on the Leelanau Post. It's an article about the history of churches and religion in Leelanau County, including this about St. Mary of Lake Leelanau (our home parish)...

Holy Mass was offered up by Rev. Mrak in the home of Jacob and Margaret Schaub at the new settlement of Le Naro, later Provemont, and now Lake Leelanau. In 1864, a log structure was built by Rev. Mrak, and dedicated by Bishop Baraga. Originally, it was to be named Sts. Peter and Paul, but the promise of prayers answered changed that. Margaret Schaub, taking maple syrup and maple sugar for barter, and some other villagers made a trip by boat to Buffalo, New York to get money from friends and relatives for a statue of the Virgin Mary, a chalice, and church vestments. On the return trip, a storm came up on the Great Lakes, and the passengers prayed that if the people returned safely to their homes, they would name their new church St. Mary's. The storm subsided, and the promise was kept, calling it Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Prayer can be very powerful!

A look at where we live – Cedar

We technically don't live in the town of Cedar (our house is a few yards from the Cedar Reduce Speed sign) but here's a cool article from Glen Arbor Sun contributor F. Josephine Arrowood as she continues her tour of the Leelanau County villages.

I will admit, I love Bunting's Market! They almost always have what you need!

Read Getting to know Cedar in the Glen Arbor Sun

Searching for "Leelanau"

I have the keyword "Leelanau" setup as one of my Google Alerts and found this interesting article about a horse with an "Up North" name...

Read Graded Winner Leelanau Sires First Winner at

It's that time of year again…


Some relatives would argue that it's always time! This is the 25th annual event! Don't miss it!