40 Days for Life, plus the Life Chain

I got an email from Casey Truelove and then read Zenit and decided I needed to help. So I am now sharing it with you.

Starting today through November 4th, join me countless others in helping support 40 Days for Life. I'm not close enough to join one of the larger groups in Michigan (Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, or Midland/Bay City/Saginaw) but some prayers and fasting is one way you and I can help.

This fall, 89 cities in 33 states across the nation will unite for a unique pro-life campaign called 40 Days for Life -- an intensive effort designed to raise awareness, save lives, bring healing, and prepare America for the beginning of the end of abortion.

Don't forget that a Life Chain will be held in Traverse City on October 7, 2007, from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Grandview Pkwy. and Front St. from Division to Garfield. We'll have the stroller there in support! Check with your local parish to see where they will be!

My first walk for life!

Mary was surprised I had never "walked for life" before, but Sunday we walked in the annual pro-life march sponsored by the Grand Traverse Area Right to Life. We loaded up the boys covered with blankets in the stroller, and we set off on the 1/2 hour march through downtown Traverse City with around 100 others. Claire walked almost the entire way herself! Only one guy yelled at us out of his car window, so that was nice.

It's for a great and important cause so we were glad to participate!

Read Marching for the unborn in the Record Eagle

Visit Grand Traverse Area Right to Life for more info