God Bless Our Priest, Bishop, Seminarians and Sisters

My sister-in-law supports our priest and bishop while driving around with a couple of Father Z's great bumper stickers. With vocations at our parish climbing and a close family friend joining a religious order she needed more...

God Bless Our Seminarians

God Bless Our Sisters

So, what do you think Father Z?

Seminarians sharing their stories…

Just want to share a couple of websites written by current seminarians that have caught my eye recently.

The first is Fiat Voluntas Dei written by seminarians of the Diocese of Gaylord. Recent posts have shared photos from their trip to Rome with Bishop Hebda, the famous "Spaghetti Bowl", thanksgiving, and the loss of Monsignor William Lyons.

The second is a blog and soon-to-be publication Vox Christi. Vox Christi is a new quarterly publication of the seminarians of Kenrick – Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. Their website says...

Vox Christi seeks to share with the world the spiritual, the academic and the artistic fruits of our community to people of all ages and academic abilities in a manner that assists in building up the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Please keep all seminarians in your prayers as they are challenged everyday on the path to priesthood!