Diocese of Gaylord adds Social Media

I was wondering when they were finally going to add Facebook and Twitter! You can now follow the Diocese of Gaylord on both social media platforms...

Diocese of Gaylord
Facebook: www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Diocese-of-Gaylord/143730602354268
Twitter: twitter.com/DioceseGaylord
Web: www.dioceseofgaylord.org

Don't forget you can also follow my parish as well.

Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Cedar, Michigan
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Holy-Rosary-Catholic-Church/127037747306908
Twitter: twitter.com/HolyRosaryCedar
Web: www.holyrosarycedar.org

And of course some self-promotion...

Good Saints on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Good-Saints/187759991237503
Good Saints on Twitter: twitter.com/goodsaints
Web Design & Development: www.ignatiusweb.com

Social Media and The Nativity Story

My wife emailed these to me this week and I finally watched them. They both follow the story of Joseph and Mary building up to the birth of Jesus using Social Media. I like them both with a slight edge toward the 2nd one.

YouTube Preview Image

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YouTube Preview Image

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What do you think of the videos?