1994 Michigan Boys Class C Final – Layup at the buzzer wins it

This was one of the best games I've ever attended in person. It was an amazing finish!

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1986 Michigan Boys Class B Final – Coles 55-foot shot wins it

Was just talking about this game last night with a buddy of mine and had to pull it up on Youtube and share. Amazing!

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And here's a look back at the hero Chris Coles...

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Ice Skating

As part of our Holy Rosary boys group we went ice skating on the skating rink behind the parish offices. Mark did very well for his first time, Luke had fun, and cousins Levi and Elijah were flying all over the rink!

Luke and Elijah

Mark and Levi

Crazy mascot dunk from 16-foot ladder

Milwaukee Bucks mascot "Bango" performing a dunk from a 16-foot ladder. From what I read about this, "Bango" kept this quiet and didn't even practice it, so the team wouldn't try to stop him from doing it.

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The video has almost 3 million views in a couple of days!

Detroit Lions 1952 NFL Championship on Youtube

I usually post sports items at sportspig.com, but I'm moving the site because of the slowness of my administration area, so posting this here instead.

Anyway, I was reading the Highlight Reel Lions Blog and saw a link to an article about footage of the Lions last championship in 1952. VolBrian at Pride of Detroit posted three videos of highlights and more and the quality is great! I'll be watching all tonight, but I did watch part of the first and it's very entertaining. We might never see an NFL Champion in Detroit again, so it's good to see video evidence. Here's what VolBrian has to say about the videos...

As promised, I will be posting some of the historical items/memorabilia my grandfather, Garrard "Buster" Ramsey, Detroit Lions Defensive Coach 1952-1959, held onto from his career. We'll begin here with the 1952 World Championship game footage that my family converted from the old 16 millimeter reel to DVD and then finally to the web. The Lions won this game 17-7 over the Cleveland Browns. This footage is 30 minutes long, so I cut it up into 10 minute segments for ease of viewing. I hope y'all enjoy this glimpse of the Lions' past!!!

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View the other videos in the article 1952 NFL Championship Game Film at Pride of Detroit

Yup, I feel older now…

A neat article on the Wigton Family and the fact that all 10 children have played basketball at Lake Leelanau St. Mary School. I've coached 6 of them at various points in their basketball or baseball careers. All great kids (and adults now), but now I feel old!

Read 10-for-10 in the Leelanau Enterprise

Koot and the Stanley Cup

Red Wings forward Dallas Drake brought the Stanley Cup to Traverse City on Labor Day as a fundraiser for Grand Traverse Hockey Association's New Skater Fund. Here's Grandpa Koot with the Stanley Cup. Lookin' good!

Photography for the day was donated by Joe McGraw, Rick Cover, Tara Noffsinger and Cindy Hughes.

On a side note, I was shocked to see that Koot was bigger than the Stanley Cup. Maybe the photographers used some photoshop tricks...

New EWTN show to help men "get into spiritual shape"

I just read this announcement from EWTN about a new show called "Crossing the Goal" which will help use sports to help men "get into spiritual shape". Here's the synopsis...

Danny Abramowicz, former NFL all-pro wide receiver and coach, has created a television show with EWTN Global Catholic Network called “Crossing the Goal,” which uses a sports show format to encourage men to get into spiritual shape.

“On this show, we talk to men about the things that are happening in their lives right now and we challenge them to do something about it,” said Abramowicz, who played for the New Orleans Saints and the 49ers. “Guys respond to a challenge. The Lord will help them, but they have to admit that something is not right in their life.”

Anytime you can get more men to increase their faith is a good thing. I hope they have lots of success!

I'll admin when I first read about the show I thought it was a different Curtis Martin co-hosting.

Learn more at Crossing the Goal: EWTN.com.

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700 pound Rosary built with bowling bowls

Photo by Erik Holladay/Associated PressRalph Kluk had some bowling balls, lots of room in his front yard, and what he did next you won't believe. Kluk took 20 cans of spray paint, 59 bowling balls, and some 40 feet of black piping to construct a 700 pound Rosary. Kluk is a native of Poland, and even had a pen pal relationship with Pope John Paul II.

Hey kids, this is the only time a Rosary should be on the ground!

Read Inspired design: Bowling ball artist calls rosary on lawn 'The Final Strike' in the Lansing State Journal

Photo by Erik Holladay/Associated Press

Beach Bums Game!

Chris and I took the older boys and their friend Marshall to the Traverse City Beach Bums game versus the Kalamazoo Kings. It was the 2nd game ever for the Beach Bums and ended up being their first victory. You can check out a game recap here.

The boys were very excited as part of the game was a free baseball glove giveaway and getting to go on the field after the game. The boys got some autographs and also very wet from the 47 minute rain delay.


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