Feast of St. Joseph

My favorite saint is St. Joseph. He's the perfect role model for all men. Here's a great homily on the Feast of St. Joseph posted last year from audiosancto.org.

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After Mass this morning, our priest led us in the Litany of St. Joseph. I was reminded I need to pray this more often. Men, make it a normal part of your prayer life!

St. Joseph, Pray for Us!

Parish Road Trip: St. Joseph Bohemian Settlement in Maple City, Michigan

I have to admit that visiting St. Joseph's wasn't much of a road trip. St. Joseph's Bohemian Settlement is located a few miles outside of Maple City, Michigan on County Road 669. It is a true country parish surrounded by farmland and currently there is a yak farm next door and a llama farm across the road. I've been able to attend Mass here a few times and this particular Mass had a special visitor, Bishop Hebda. My oldest son was one of the altar servers and he was both excited and nervous once he heard the news.

I was trying to find some info out about the history and found a link at www.mcgi.state.mi.us/hso/sites/8466.htm with some information including the following...

St. Joseph's was constructed in 1884 by Bohemian settlers in Cleveland Township, Leelanau County and is significant as the only church associated with a Bohemian community known as the Bohemian Settlement. Additionally, it is one of only a few surviving Catholic mission churches associated with Father Ignatius Mrak, an early Catholic missionary. Finally, the church was and still is the only church building in the relatively unpopulated, rural township. St. Joseph served its Bohemian Catholic congregation until 1970 when the parish was merged with a neighboring one and regular services in this building discontinued.

Here's a few photos that, for the most part, turned out...

Mass on May 7th at 7:00 PM

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Still looking good!

The Beautiful Altar

A closer look at the Altar

Mass with Bishop Hebda and Father Libby

View from the Balcony

After Mass

Historical Marker

Thanks for viewing! As a bonus picture one of the men who helps take care of St. Joseph's took the picture below after Mass of Bishop Hebda, Father Libby, and the altar servers (my son is in the front on the left). A special thank you to him for taking this picture!

Bishop Hebda, Father Libby, and the Altar Servers after Mass

The 6 Public Litanies

I love it when I learn something new about the Catholic Faith. I received an email from The Catholic Company advertising a book called A Prayerbook of Favorite Litanies and it mentioned "only six litanies approved for use during public prayer". Naturally, I tried my best to name all six. I wasn't successful. Don't keep reading if you want to give it a try.

Here's the approved litanies for public prayer...

Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Litaniae de Sacratissimo Corde Iesu

Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus - Litaniae Sanctissimi Nominis Iesu

Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Litaniae pretiosissimi Sanguinis Domini Nostri Iesu Christi

Litany of the Saints - Litaniae Sanctorum

Litany of Loreto ("Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary") - Litaniae Lauretanae

Litany of St. Joseph - Litaniae Sancti Ioseph

To view or download all the litanies, you can visit The 6 Litanies Approved for Public Recitation at fish eaters.

I also posted the Litany of St. Joseph last March.

Don't forget that the month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so it's a great time to pray the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Photo from catholicseeking.blogspot.com