Assault on the Kingdom of Hell

Another great video from Michael Voris at Real Catholic TV titled "The Gates of Hell" describing the ongoing battle versus the Kingdom of Hell.

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Don't "Let It All In"

Occasionally I miss having TV, and the one day I miss it more than any other is Super Bowl Sunday. The funny commercials, the new movie trailers, the game itself, it's the perfect day to watch TV. Lately I've been reading some books about Fatherhood and the subject of TV comes up quite a bit. Just to be clear, we do have a TV, but no channels, so we watch movies and shows (alot of Little House on the Prairie lately!) and my family and I really enjoy it.

But as my kids get bigger, I realize more and more how important it is for them to watch shows that are appropriate and not just trash.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Our Lady of the Rosary Library, with a Talk Given by the Dominican Teaching Sisters and it will really make you want to just throw your TV out.

Now instead of acting rashly, my wife and I decided instead to further limit the TV (and video game) time. Hopefully we can come up with a plan during Lent of giving it up and finding some time for more family games or reading time.

This morning on the radio, I heard a commercial for Charter TV with their slogan of "Let It All In". I chuckled to myself because that is exactly why we don't have TV, because it "All" gets in.

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Thanks Charter for this commercial, it makes me realize how much TV can control our lives and even though I sometimes miss it, how much I don't want it in my home.

Stand up for your faith! produces great videos aimed at helping Catholics live their faith. I'll admit, I don't know how bad it really is out there...

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Michael Voris does a great job teaching and informing the laity using the Catechism and Scripture, I can't even begin to imagine the crazy letters and emails they get on a daily basis. If you get a chance you can check out some of their work on their YouTube page at

I've heard of our diocese being talked about in a negative light, but I've never experienced anything like in the video above. I thank God every day for Bishop Hebda and Bishop Cooney and keep them in my prayers.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

My friend Josh and I were just talking about these commercials over the weekend. I've only seen them on line since I don't have TV, but they really crack me up. I also have to admit I've never drank Dos Equis, but hey, maybe someday. Anyway, this is my favorite...

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You can also read this article from Slate about the commercial and why it works.

New EWTN show to help men "get into spiritual shape"

I just read this announcement from EWTN about a new show called "Crossing the Goal" which will help use sports to help men "get into spiritual shape". Here's the synopsis...

Danny Abramowicz, former NFL all-pro wide receiver and coach, has created a television show with EWTN Global Catholic Network called “Crossing the Goal,” which uses a sports show format to encourage men to get into spiritual shape.

“On this show, we talk to men about the things that are happening in their lives right now and we challenge them to do something about it,” said Abramowicz, who played for the New Orleans Saints and the 49ers. “Guys respond to a challenge. The Lord will help them, but they have to admit that something is not right in their life.”

Anytime you can get more men to increase their faith is a good thing. I hope they have lots of success!

I'll admin when I first read about the show I thought it was a different Curtis Martin co-hosting.

Learn more at Crossing the Goal:

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Is TV a waste of money?

Saw this on the Business Opportunities Weblog and it was rather startling. I probably averaged about 3-4 hours per day myself of TV watching, sure I haven't been able to develop it into an online business, but I do get to spend more time with my family. That's a very good thing to me.

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TV does have some good uses…

Sure there is alot of garbage on TV these days, but that doesn't mean the medium can't be used for some good. Suttons Bay Elementary School setup a "virtual field trip" via TV to the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C to learn about American Indians and art.

An interactive machine with a voice-sensitive camera atop the television in their classroom linked them to a museum expert.

The fifth-grade students were able to ask questions and talk with the museum expert. Pretty cool!

Read Suttons Bay students visit the Smithsonian - via TV in the Record Eagle

NBC airs edited Veggie Tales

Untitled-1.jpgMy kids love Veggie Tales, I admit I enjoy watching them too, and the message is always good. NBC is airing them on Saturday mornings this fall, with some changes (no mention of God or bible verses) from the DVD's and VHS videos that some of us have grown to love.

The creator of the animated veggies Phil Vischer, has said that he would have never signed with NBC if he knew they would take out all references to God.

Some of the trash they allow on TV baffles me, but the mention of God or a bible verse in a kid's cartoon can't be shown?

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and here's an update from the Veggie Tales official site...

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