Twitter Talk: Ignatius of Loyola's Basic Question, St. Clare, Photo of the Day, Day of Rest, Two Big Events

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When making decisions, Ignatius of Loyola says the basic question is: Will this help me get to Heaven or keep me from getting to Heaven? (Note: A good question to ask yourself throughout the day!)

Clare of Assisi: still perfect after 700 years. (Note: Retweet of tweet by Linda DeMerle. A nice write-up of St. Clare. If you don't know much about her, take the time to read about her, she is amazing!)

Claire's Photo of the Day: Play-Doh (Note: Finally getting back to posting some of Claire's pictures. We've been so busy with life that I haven't had much of a chance to update the blogs.)

Take a Day of Rest! (Note: Pope Benedict said, "traditional family values and Sunday rest were key to escaping the ills of modern society..." So take that time on the Lord's Day to spend with family!)

Lots of other exciting things on Twitter as well, but wanted to touch base on a couple of big events I've been blessed to be a part of. First, is the priestly ordination of Peter Wigton. Father Peter is from Holy Rosary in Cedar and our parish was very excited for his first Mass on Sunday morning. My family and I were able to attend the ordination and I came away impressed with Father Peter, even more so then I was. We'll keep Father Peter in our prayers and I hope you will too. Second, our parish has opened the St. Padre Pio Perpetual Adoration Chapel in the location of the previous chapel in the old convent. The chapel officially opened on Corpus Christi after the procession. Many people have put in countless hours to make this happen. So if you're in Leelanau County, head on over and spend an our with Our Lord!

It's been a busy start to the summer, but I hope to find some time to post more regularly here. God Bless You and thanks for reading!

Twitter Talk: Lord of the Rings LEGO, Monumental Movie, Life at Pontifical College Josephinum, PhotoScramble, October Baby Movie

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New Lord of the Rings LEGO Sets are Finally Unveiled! I can't wait and neither can my sons! (Note: Two of my favorites - Lord of the Rings & LEGO - together at last! I'll be honest, I'm pretty excited about this!)

Check out the trailer for Kirk Cameron's Monumental (Note: I really can't wait to see this!)

A look into the life of seminarians from the Diocese of Gaylord! (Note: Deacon Peter Wigton writes about life at Pontifical College Josephinum.)

Online Photo Contests | PhotoScramble (Note: This is our newest product, photo contest software, that we just launched in Beta. Check it out!)

"Every Life is Beautiful" (Note: Another movie on my must see list. Watch the trailer and you'll know what I mean! Also while checking out info about this movie, found this site -, some great stories of life!)

Twitter Talk: Traverse City Cloistered Carmelites, Catholic Family Resource, Conscience Protection, Kristi Hofferber's Incredible Story, Bishops Tougher Response

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Letter of Appeal from Bishop Hebda for the Cloistered Carmelites (Note: some great pictures of possible changes to the chapel!)

Looks like a great resource for Catholic Families!

Conscience Protection - Bishops Vow to Fight Coercive HHS Mandate (Note: Information on what is happening with the HHS Mandate and how we as Catholics can help stop it!)

Conceived in incestuous rape, but 'not defined by my DNA': Kristi Hofferber's incredible story (Note: It is an incredible story!)

In Depth Analysis : The bishops' tougher response to the Obama 'compromise' mandate (Note: Support our Bishops!)

Twitter Talk: Forty Hour Devotion, Catholic Flash Mob, Marriage, Holy Souls in Purgatory, Holy Rosary Books & Gifts

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Forty Hour Devotions for our Diocese Anniversary! (Note: December 6-8 at St. Francis in Traverse City, click the link below for the schedule)

Check this video out -- Lift the City - a Catholic Eucharistic flash mob (Note: Pretty cool!)

Topic 25: Marriage (Note: This is very well done!)

Praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Grand Opening of Holy Rosary Books & Gifts tonight! My wife even won a door prize! A great new Catholic Bookstore in Northern Michigan! (Note: I'll be posting more about this soon, here and at the Holy Rosary Website)

Twitter Talk: Young People and Gay Marriage, Fatherhood, First Friday, Bishop to Rome, What is a Saint?

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Young people and gay marriage - article by Christopher Stefanick

The Challenges of Modern Fatherhood - article by Randy Hain

Locations and Schedule of First Friday Devotions for November 4, 2011 (Note: missed the morning masses, but some evening masses do take place including Mass at Holy Rosary at 7:30 PM)

Bishop Hebda and 50 parishioners and friends are off to Rome! (Note: Wow, how fun would that be!)

What is a Saint? - article by Peter Kreeft

Latest from Twitter: Year of Faith, Protestant Communion, Father battling cancer, 5 most pathetic words, St. Luke

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Year of Faith!

US Catholic promotes reception of Protestant “communion”? Fr Z really rants.

Father battling cancer sees his 14 children as ‘incredible gift’

The 5 most pathetic words: "I am a pro-choice Catholic" --->

St. Luke, Pray for Us!