Colleen Hammond: Modest Doesn't Mean Frumpy!

My wife sent me this video by Colleen Hammond about dressing modestly and a brief history of women's clothing over time. It is very good and I highly recommend both men and women watch it.

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ChurchMilitant.TV: Burke Fires Back

In this latest video from Michael Voris, Cardinal Burke goes on the attack!

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Feast of the Annuciation

Another great homily from

Sermon on Earth Lovers & Tree Huggers w/ the relation to the Annunciation. Venerable Mary Agreda's comments on the annunciation. For more please go to & please say 3 Hail Marys for the priest.

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Feast of St. Joseph

My favorite saint is St. Joseph. He's the perfect role model for all men. Here's a great homily on the Feast of St. Joseph posted last year from

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After Mass this morning, our priest led us in the Litany of St. Joseph. I was reminded I need to pray this more often. Men, make it a normal part of your prayer life!

St. Joseph, Pray for Us!

Recap of Father Barron in Rome

A new video from Father Barron of the highlights from his trip to Rome for the Papal Conclave and the announcement of Pope Francis. From Word On Fire...

Jack Thornton has compiled all of the highlights from Fr. Barron's trip to Rome for the papal conclave with footage from the cardinals' Mass and the first appearance of Pope Francis.

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CatholicVote: Pope Francis Election Video

Another great video from CatholicVote...

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A very exciting time for the Catholic Church and all Catholics around the world. I can't wait to see Pope Francis in action!

Cardinal Arinze on Pope Benedict's Resignation

Cardinal Francis Arinze shares his thoughts on Pope Benedict XVI stepping down as Pope...

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My View: It doesn't get much better than Cardinal Arinze. While the news is shocking, Cardinal Arinze speaks on how our faith can be strengthened during this time, and put the focus back on Christ and not just on the faces leading us.

ChurchMilitant.TV: Special Report on Pope Benedict XVI's Resignation

Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV shares his thoughts on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and a couple of things that we as Catholics need to remember...

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My View: It's nice to see Pope Benedict getting props for stepping down if he feels like he can't do the job anymore. It should be an interesting few weeks as history is made. Keep Pope Benedict and the Cardinals in your prayers, as well as the Catholic Church, with the secular media going to use this time to attack with its own agenda.

The Altar Server

Terrific video about what it means to be an Altar Server. If you're a father with sons who serve or will serve one day, watch this!

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CatholicVote's Top 10 Reasons for Hope – 2012

If you're not familiar with CatholicVote, here is what they are... is a community of patriotic Americans who believe our nation’s founding principles are good and true, and worth fighting for.

Here is their latest video...

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Help support CatholicVote in 2013 by clicking here.

Video: Fr. Barron comments on the HHS Contraception Mandate

I found this posted a few places (first by Matthew Warner) and wanted to share it. Father Robert Barron shares his thoughts on the confusion surrounding the HHS Contraception Mandate.

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The Recent Bishop Sample Interview

Our friend to the north, Bishop Alexander Sample of the Diocese of Marquette, was recently interviewed by The Catholic World Report. The interview covered many topics including: what's wrong with Catechesis, the trouble with Contraception, concerns about the Diaconate, and much more.

The interview by Jim Graves is well worth reading as Bishop Sample talks about his life's journey and the road that has led him to being the Shepherd of Catholics in the Diocese of Marquette. If you don't know anything about Bishop Sample, read the article below and you'll see why so many Catholics love him.

Read Lost Generations at The Catholic World Report

The interview is also the focus of this video called "A Bishop and Vatican II" from RealCatholicTV's Michael Voris and how "Catholics do not know the faith".

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Please keep Bishop Sample in your prayers, and if you can, send an extra Rosary or two his way.