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Sorry, just been so busy, here's one of the latest from Claire and Luke from the beginning of March!


LEGO Aircraft Carrier

People with time on their hands can do amazing things...

Check it out!

Great Wolf Lodge, new articles and links

Well it's lunch time, so I figured I had better take a minute and update the old blog.

Last week we took the kids to the Traverse City Great Wolf Lodge and had a blast! I think we are going to try and make this an annual trip with our tax money. It's close, plus they threw in free breakfast, can't beat that!

I've been meaning to post some links to some cool stuff I have stumbled upon lately, so here they are...

• The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has posted their reviews of the top movies of 2005.

• From the people with too much time on their hands comes the bid to have the Ice Planet Hoth from the movie The Empire Strikes Back host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

• Some great photos from diving in Lake Michigan.

That's it for now, I have to get back to work!

Marriage Encounter…

was awesome! We had a great time and it was great not having any interruptions. The kids stayed with Chris and Becky and were very good from what I was told.

Mary and I learned some new tips for better communicating and listening (the listening was especially good for me). If you get a chance and can attend one, I definitely recommend it!

For more info you can check out the Worldwide Marriange Encounter Website or the Gaylord Diocese Marriage Encounter Website.

There's hope for me yet

A top 10 list I can relate to!

Read Top ten reasons Geeks make good fathers at Welcome to MY world

I knew all of the LEGO building and video game playing would pay off someday!